Welcome Message from Chair of Governors

Welcome from Paul Lawton, Chair of Governors

The Governing Body welcomes you to the Victoria Lane Academy website.

As a one of the seven members of the Tudhoe Learning Trust the way the school is managed is different to non-academy schools. The sponsor school is Tudhoe Colliery Primary School and the other schools are Acre Rigg Academy, Peterlee, Stephenson Way Primary School, Newton Aycliffe, Dene House Primary at  Peterlee, South Hetton Primary and Shield Row Primary at Stanley. At the top of the Trust are 4 Trustees and below them is the Board of Directors which has a number of legal responsibilities and generally takes decisions on matters which affect all seven schools. Each school has a Local Governing Body (LGB). Mr Jim Smith is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Trust and Head of Tudhoe Colliery Primary School with overall responsibility for the management of all seven schools with the Heads of the other six schools reporting to him. Our Head of School, is responsible for the day to day running of the school together with the members of the Senior Management Team and all members of staff make a valuable contribution to making our school the wonderful place it is for all our children to learn and grow in.

We, as governors, are responsible for supporting and challenging the school leadership team, monitoring the quality of teaching, the progress of school improvement and the oversight of behaviour and safety throughout the school. We also monitor the financial side of the school and take part in discussions about how our money is spent. The governors can also participate, to a greater or lesser degree, in the appointment of members of staff including the Head and Deputy if and when vacancies arise.

From time to time vacancies arise for governors, especially Parent Governors, and it is very important that parents are fully represented on the Governing Body. As a governor you will be expected to attend full GB meetings which are normally held once every term. You will also be asked to be a member of one of the committees which look more closely at various aspects of school life. These committees also meet every term. You will also need to attend training courses to help you understand and contribute to the work governors do for the school. Governors are not paid for any work that they do and will be expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct but you will get great satisfaction from making a vital contribution to the school and everyone involved with it. In your first year you will be supported by the Chair and other experienced governors who will guide you through this time. If you would like to speak to a governor or become one then please contact the school and arrangements will be made for you to talk to the Chair or another governor.

For further information please visit the School Governors UK website.