Our Curriculum

Here at VLA, we follow the 2104 National Curriculum and leaders have created a rich, broad, balanced and inclusive offering for our pupils that provides for the needs of those who attend.

In line with our school ethos and values,  we have identified three aspirations we hope to foster in our pupils:

Victoria Lane Academy – Curriculum Aspirations

Wherever possible, we aim to enrich our curriculum with trips, workshops, visitors and refuse to allow the  cost of these to be a barrier to learning.


Each class will learn about three different ‘characters’ each year and these important figures will provide the foundations for teaching about History, Geography, Art, Writing, Non-fiction reading, British Values and personal development.

All other subject areas are taught as stand alone subjects.

Reading, Maths, Writing all take place daily. Science, PE, RE, PHSE, Humanities, ICT and Spanish are taught weekly. Art, DT and Music are taught in blocks each term.

Please see the Whole School Curriculum Overview (September 23)  for a quick overview of what we will be teaching and when in each year group.

For more detailed information, including progression of skills and assessment in each subject, please visit the tabs on the right hand side of the page.

If any parent or other members of the public wish to find out more about the curriculum we are following, please contact the Acting Headteacher, Miss Whitfield, for further information.

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