Magic Breakfast School Programme

Victoria Lane Academy is proud to be a Magic Breakfast school. This fantastic charity heavily subsidises the cost for schools. As a Magic Breakfast School, we are pleased to offer a free, healthy school breakfast, available to all, and enjoy the benefits that brings, with children settled and ready to learn at the start of the school day.

Our school offers a free classroom breakfast for every single child! Our bagel breakfast starts at 8.30am every day and everyone is welcome! All children can access a healthy, free and delicious breakfast bagel. School gates will open at 8.30 am, for all children to go straight into class, to read alongside staff and their peers and receive a breakfast bagel.

Nursery pupils will also receive a free breakfast. The Nursery will open promptly at 8.45am so all of the nursery children can have breakfast together.

Normal Breakfast Club paid provision will continue and will be renamed Early Birds Breakfast Club. This now begins at the earlier time of 7.50am and the charge is for the childcare element. There will be a wide range of breakfast items on offer. Children attending the Early Birds provision will go to class at 8.30am to join the rest of their class and receive a bagel too if they would like one.

We hope to see as many children as possible taking up this free breakfast and reading opportunity. Please can you bring your child in as soon as you can after 8.30am so the breakfast bagels are nice and hot but they will be stored in insulated bags to keep them warm.