History & Geography

To make our History and Geography teaching more meaningful and memorable, we have focussed our curriculum on a series of adventurers, pioneers and heroes in a bid to help pupils to know more and remember more. While learning about the trials and tribulations of these ‘characters’ pupils will visit and revisit a range of times and places, providing them with an excellent understanding of the world we live in and how it has changed.

Our  Characters overview shows which characters will be studied when and the History/Geography themes covered in the study.

As well as revisiting some places and times as they move through school, pupils will also benefit from regularly revisiting historical and geographical themes in each unit covered. Weekly assemblies around these learning links also take place. We will be looking at:

Pupils will begin exploring each character by looking at floor books from previous terms/years and seeing what links can be made across the people they are studying. Next, they will look at the journey they will be taking with their new character and will record any questions they would like answered as they progress.

At the end of each journey pupils will be assessed using a triangular approach – teachers will look at work recorded in journals and floor books, will challenge the pupils with a knowledge based quiz and then have a whole class discussion around a ‘Big Question’ linked to their learning.

Our progression of skills for History and Geography shows  exactly what pupils will be expected to do at each phase at VLA/